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Trudy Naman from Santa Ana College, CA
eTextbook: Foundations of Education and Instructional Assessment by faculty and students at Old Dominion University

Image of Trudy Naman

Course Description:

Introduction to the field of education including historical and philosophical perspectives; school governance and funding; societal influences and student diversity; school curriculum standards; professional standards and teaching performance expectations. Students will independently complete a minimum of 45 hours of Service Learning (structured observation and internship/fieldwork) in local public elementary school classrooms during the semester.


"When I assign students multiple open educational resources to read about a topic, they are expected to take more ownership for their learning. They will need to think critically about the different perspectives and synthesize their understanding for sharing during class discussions and online postings."

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Lyn Scott, Ed.D. from Humboldt State University
eTextbook: So You Have to Teach Math? Sound Advice for K-6 Teachers by M. Burns and R. Silbey

Image of Lyn Scott

Course Description:

The course includes K-8 classroom observation of mathematics instruction, review of California mathematics content standards, and discussion of teaching strategies used in the K-8 classroom.


"Adopting a text that was available as an eBook has meant that students can choose to either purchase the book, download it from the HSU library portal, or read it online. As a result of this adoption process, I have seen an increase in student's referencing the text in their class discussion. They connect the reading with their fieldwork experiences creating a more powerful learning environment."

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Joanne M. Van Boxtel, Ph.D. from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
eTextbook: Integrating Differentiated Instruction and Understanding by Design by C. Tomlinson and J. McTighe

Image of Joanne M. Van Boxtel

Course Description:

Principles and methodology for assessing and teaching academic content areas within K-12 levels. State standards in history/social science, science, physical education and visual and performing arts. Adapting and modifying curriculum and instruction for student backgrounds, interests, and abilities.


"I was motivated to integrate affordable texts into the course because the nature of the material is practical, hands-on, and covers multiple content areas."

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